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Jun 2024
Non-cartesian internalisation and enriched quasi-categories [slides]
International category theory conference
Universidad de Santiago de Compostela

Apr 2024
Quasi-categories in modules as weak dg-categories (pitch presentation) [slides]
Hochschild (Co)Homology and Applications
Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach

Mar 2024
A colax monoidal approach to quasi-categories [slides]
Young Homotopy-theorist Online Meeting

Feb 2024
Quasi-categories in vector spaces as a model for weak dg-categories [slides]
Introductory Workshop: Noncommutative Algebraic Geometry
Simons Laufer Mathematical Science Institute

Jan 2024
Templicial modules as a model for weak dg-categories [slides]
Research Seminar on Algebraic Topology
Universität Hamburg

May 2023
A colax monoidal approach to weak dg-categories [slides]
Séminaire d’Homotopie et Géométrie Algébrique
Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier 
Jul 2022
An internalization approach to enriched ∞-categories (online) [slides]
SFB Higher Invariants Seminar
Universität Regensburg
May 2022
Two lectures on templicial objects [slides 1, slides 2]
HYDRA mini conference
University of Antwerp
Oct 2021
An elementary introduction to (∞,1)-categories via quasi-categories [slides]
Antwerp Algebra Colloquium
University of Antwerp
Dec 2020
Linear quasi-categories as templicial modules (online) [slides]
Pure Maths Seminar
University of East Anglia

Nov 2020
Linear quasi-categories as templicial modules (online) [slides]
FD Seminar
May 2019
Hoe kunnen we verschillende wiskundige gebieden verbinden? [slides]
Mathematics Research Day
University of Antwerp

A humble attempt at defining linear quasi-categories
Antwerp Algebra Seminar
University of Antwerp

Poster presentations

Jul 2023
Nerves of enriched categories via necklaces [pdf]
International category theory conference
Université Catholique de Louvain

Reading Seminars

Fall 2023
Deformations of categories of coherent sheaves via quivers with relations - S. Barmeier and Z. Wang
Reading seminar with Violeta Borges Marques, Lander Hermans, Alessandro Lehmann, Carl Mazzanti and Julie Symons.
Spring 2023
Deformation theory: Lecture notes - M. Doubek, M. Markl, P. Zima
Reading seminar with  Violeta Borges Marques, Lander Hermans, Alessandro Lehmann and Julie Symons.
2020 - 2021
Algebraic geometry and arithmetic curves - Q. Liu
Reading seminar with Nicolas Daans, Shira GilatLander Hermans, Gonzalo Manzano, Piergiorgio Panero and Marco Zaninelli